Name:Pro Portable Electric Cordless Mini Nail File Drill Machine
Model Number:SN801
Max Rotary Speed:30000rpm
Battery Working Time:5 hours
Battery Charging Time:2 hours
2 Rotary Direction:Forward/Reverse
5 Color optional:White, black, silver, pink, red
Material:Metal Case
Key Features
  • >Cordless & Rechargeable for portable and Mobile use
  • >Rotary Speed: 0-30000 rpm
  • >High-quality metal case for durable use                                              
  • >With Metal holder on backside, eas to carry
  • >Battery working time @ 5 hours, after full charging time @ 2 hours
  • >Forward / Reverse Direction
  • >Portable & Lightweight for easy carry and storage
  • >Twist-lock hand piece for quick drill bits replacement

  • >5 colors optional: White, black, silver, pink, red

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