Name:White Color Cordless Led Nail lamp 64w fast curing all uv led gel
Model Number:SN64A
Light source:16pcs 365nm +16pcs 405nm
Battery Working Time:4 hours
Battery Charging Time:3.5 hours
Hand Sensor Activiated:Yes
Material:Metal Construction
Fit for:Any Hand size & Nail Length
Curing:All UV LED Gels
Key Features

> Cordless & Rechargeable for convenient salon use
> 5000mA Lithium Battery Working time @ 4 hours, after full charging time @ 3.5 hours
> Super power 64w-16pcs 365nm leds & 16pcs 395nm leds, fast curing all kinds of uv or led gel polish
> Sensitive touch button with 4 LCD digital timer : 30, 45, 60 & 90s
> Metal Construction for durable use & Excellent heat dissipation
> Spacious, comfortable interior for all hand sizes & nail lengths
> Adjustable "feet" for convenient pedicure use
> Portable Handle for easy carry
> 32 strategically-placed, silicone-encapsulated LEDs
> Mirror-finish interior for even light distribution
> Quick Hand Sensor activated

> 50,000 hours of LED performance, never need to replace leds

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