Name:Dolphin F2 Rechargeable Portable UV/LED Nail Lamp
Model Number:SN02
Light source:365nm + 405nm dual light
Leds:2 pcs
Key Features

  • Dolphin sharp design for easy carry                                          
  • Flexible mobile design,can quickly pre-cure the nail gel  
  • 2pcs 40mil size UV LED chips 365+405nm                           
  • Rechargeable Batter: 1500mAh,charging time @ 3 hours,working time @ 3 hours  
  • With USB socket, DC 5V/1A, MAX 5W                                                                                                                                                                     
  • 2 timer: 30s, 60s, power display and charging display              
  • 45 degree illumination, solve the problem of drying the nail edge 

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